Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I am more then overjoyed to see the sunshine this week! I love Oregon and the beauty here, I even enjoy the rain at times, but mid-April I always start to feel that summer will never come and it is going to be cloudy/rainy FOREVER. (kind of like those last weeks of pregnancy when you are positive that you are going to be waddling around with that baby inside your overgrown belly for the rest of your life.)

SO, the kids and I have greeted this wonderful week of sun with open arms. Slightly traumatized from being cooped up in the house all winter with two toddlers we went a little overboard the past few days, spending every possible minute outside. I had forgotten how blessed I was to live in this area. This past sunday was family day, no work no chores - just family time, a day like this is rare. We hiked in washington park, took a drive into the city and finished the day riding bikes in the suburbs. How lucky I am to raise my children in an area with so many varied opportunities readily available to them.

I love the diversity of this area, already in toddlerhood they are comfortable walking in the woods, taking the max train downtown or racing their little bikes around the culdesac.

It is no more the an hour or two to almost any recreational activity that they could desire from skiing on the mountain to lounging on the beach. In the past two days we have picniced in the park, splashed in the fountain in the middle of the city and spent a lazy afternoon running the length of our own backyard with the neighbor kids.

With so much anger and hatred going on in the rest of the world I know it is naive to get caught up in the safety of my little bubble here. But how bad is that really? My children will grow up soon enough and learn the harsh realities of life, for now I think that I will continue to enjoy my bubble, and let my babies revel in the perfect days of summer....the perfect days of childhood.... FOr now I will shower them with love, and offer them every opportunity.