Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pigtails and crewcuts

A friend of ours reccomended a fun new hair salon that caters to children over near the streets of Tanasbourne. We finally checked it out last night and were impressed. The stylists were sweet and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. I could hardly get the kids to leave when they were done -we will definitly be going there again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to School

We are a few weeks into back to school now and I couldn't be happier. Both of my kids have adjusted so well to their new classes and I am thrilled with both of their teachers. What a great way to start off the year. I wasn't to worried about Amy she is at the same preschool as last year just a new teacher whom she is already familiar with and mostly the same kids, I am so proud that she has made it through these weeks with out any tears and a with real enthusiasm to be there. The concern was more for Nicolas, we've moved and this was his first year at the new school. After the first few days with some real timidity he was very courageous and made some new friends (even has a little crush on his teacher I think) and is doing awesome now. He loves school and it is so great to see how quickly he is catching on to new things. I have even been having fun meeting the moms and learning about the PTA here.

Aunt Beth's Oregon trip

...i know i know I am such a slacker!...This post will be up soon.

Nicolas' 6th Birthday!

We had so much fun with Abuelita and Abuelito, tia Ethel, tio Mario, Aunt Beth, heather and her brother at Chuck e Cheese. I'm pretty sure the "grown ups" had as much fun playing as Nicolas and Amy did! Those kiddy games can get pretty competative and we still have tickets left over.... we will have to do this again sometime. Once we have all recovered from the pizza and soda! whew.

After the big family party at Chuck e cheese Nicolas wanted to just invite his two favorite friends and their siblings to 'out of this world pizza'. (I know, pizza again! but he's the birthday boy and its what he wanted) They had such a great afternoon playing, thanks Sandra and Lauren and Beth for coming and making it such a fun day for him.

First family Camping Trip

Marcelo trying to light a campfire in the rain! Woo hoo, i am certain now that he can do almost anything! Despite being an experienced camper he suceeded in getting a beautiful fire going despite the rain and wet!

We went on our first family camping trip in August, Marcelo and I are not outdoor people but thought it would be a fun experience with the kids. A friend of ours had mentioned how much fun renting a Yurt at Beverly Beach on the oregon coast was and so we decided to try it out. Just our luck we picked the wetest, coldest days in August to go but despite the rain we had so much fun and learned some lessons on how to make it even better when we try again next year!

Megan and the kids go on a 'flashlight night adventure' in the rain. These kids can make a fun game out of anything!

Wet, dirty and tired they are still the cutest, happiest kids ever!