Friday, May 25, 2007

Trinity Lutheran Preschool Class of 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

All about Me

I just finished writing a profile entitled "all about me" for our monthly MOMS club newsletter. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

All about me by Megan Romero
I was born in Richmond VA in 1980. My mother was diabetic and the pregnancy was very hard on her body, partially through the pregnancy her retina’s detached and she lost her eye sight. For our family this disease was a defining structure and shaped the course of all of our lives.

In 1982 we moved to Oregon, my fathers’ home state, and I grew up here in Beaverton. I love it here and have a hard time imagining living anywhere else. My sister and I had a good childhood, we traveled a lot and I got to see many fascinating places. The beginning of my sophomore year in college my mom passed away. I had missed so much school flying back and forth that I just didn’t have the motivation to catch up and I left school to be with my Dad and my sister. So, the first half this sounds like my moms life story but it is so integrated that I have a hard time separating the two.

I’m going to backtrack a little here…. I met my husband my senior year at westview high school. I was sitting in the back of my first class of the day when a boy I knew only as an acquaintance walked in and sat next to me. I thought he was handsome and of course was smitten by the strong sexy accent he still carried (he had only moved to the US from Ecuador a few years before). We hit it off immediately and before long were going “steady” much to the chagrin of my parents who were not pleased at my intrigue in the boy who rode motorcycles and was not a member of our church. But I was in love.

When we graduated in 1998 I went off to Ricks College in Idaho and Marcelo stayed here to go to PCC. Marcelo used to drive the 12 hours to come and visit me almost monthly at school. We were crazy! The following year he finally joined me and enrolled at Ricks College himself. I was torn between my feelings for him and my family’s uncertainty about him. In February of 2000, after my Mom passed and I moved back to Oregon I decided that Marcelo and I were over for good and I even started seeing someone else. It didn’t last for long, as soon as Marcelo returned from school in the summer those old feelings came back and by August of the following year we were engaged and married by November.

From that point life has been a whirlwind for us. Despite my being on birth control we were pregnant within the first month of our marriage. My beautiful baby boy was born two weeks late at the end of a VERY HOT august. At this time I was working downtown with a company that ran red light cameras and photo radar for the Portland police department and Marcelo was working for his parents company and going to school at nights. Nicolas used to go to work with grandma some days and stayed with my Dad on the other days. Even now he and my mother in law have a very special relationship.

Just before Nicolas’ first birthday I got a terrible “flu” or so I thought. After weeks of running to the bathroom, my boss (who had watched me through my first pregnancy) called me in and asked if I was pregnant again. I started bawling right there in his office! After a pregnancy test at home that night it was confirmed, I was pregnant again! I worked through the pregnancy until the beginning of March and then quit for good. I thought I would have a month to rest and spend time with my son before the new baby came but she was already so big I had to be induced 3 weeks early. So my feisty 10 lb girl was born.

When Amy was born Marcelo was finishing school and doing an internship at Intel. He likes to be in charge and he likes to be busy and the slow pace at Intel was driving him insane. In the spring of 2005 he decided to quite Intel and start Rogue Carpet Cleaning. This has been one of the best decisions he ever made, he loves the freedom of his job and seems to be a natural business man. Now that the kids are getting older I am also enjoying helping with the office work from home.

It has been a crazy and sometimes exhausting journey here but life has finally calmed down a bit and we have landed in a great place. Motherhood is definitely the hardest thing that I have ever done but also the most rewarding and most fun. I am so lucky to have married my best friend and sweetheart. We have built a wonderful life together and I am blessed to have a husband who supports my desire and commitment to being home with my children.

Monday, May 21, 2007

field trip to kindergarten

mothers day photo's

I went a little crazy with the new camera this day

my thoughtful family

So i was a little spoiled this mothers day. ok, i was a lot spoiled. My in-laws showed up the day before mothers day with a brand new dining room table. It is gorgeous and they are crazy! I married into such a wonderful family and am so lucky to have in laws that are so thoughtful and that love me too.

Marcelo suprised me this year too. He always is so thoughtful and generous with his gifts but is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. Generally by the time a holiday or event comes around I have figured out what it is that he is trying to keep secret. (usually i keep this secret to myself - although now my gig is up) This time though I was completely surpised. I didn't think he was paying much attention to my little postings here but he must have been. He surprised me with a new camera so that I can post better pictures here on my blog becuase he see's how much fun it has been for me so far.

THe gift was wonderful but what was even better (and I don't think he really understands this part) was the sentiment behind the gift. It means he was paying attention, and that is really the secret to what woman want. We want them to be aware and paying attention to the things that are important to us. How lucky am I??

Soo, be prepared for tons and tons of new pictures!

Monday, May 14, 2007

miss you mummum

Friday, May 11, 2007

for my 'daisy' moms

For my friend:

I believe that daisies are an often overlooked flower; they are simple and lacking in strong fragrance, but to me that is what makes them so beautiful. Daisies remind me of mothers - often we lack the time to make ourselves outwardly beautiful and our daily activities are often not as exciting as other “flowers” out there. But the simple beauty and joy that we bring into the lives of the children that we devote ourselves to gives us a beauty beyond measure.

So today, I’d like to let my other “daisy” moms know how much I appreciate them. You are the women that get me through the roller coaster ride of motherhood. Thank you for being a part of my journey through motherhood, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours.

Happy Mothers Day,



While driving past the grocery store the other day I had a minor epiphany. I've been feeling the typical "why doesn't my husband buy me flowers....pick up his dishes...._________(fill in the blank with whatever your own pet peeve is). This is not a new phenomenon, this is the same scene that plays out in every marriage across the world since the beginning of time. Now, I have a wonderful husband whom I adore. He is my best friend, my rock, the glue that holds this crazy girl together. But he's not perfect and that is ok, I am far from it myself. He is hard working and a wonderful provider, he adores his kids and I know he loves me.

I think as women we bring it on ourselves sometimes, we try to be super moms, we chase our husbands out of our kitchens, tell them we don't want them to buy us flowers cause it is to expensive, ect. And then we complain when they don't want to help with the dishes or don't surprise us with a beautiful bouquet.

SO, back to my epiphany, I was feeling badly that marcelo had not caught onto my subtle hints for flowers (really you can't be subtle with men, they don't get it) when I drove past the grocery store and saw some beautiful arrangements outside. So I stopped, and I bought them for myself. A little gift to myself for the hard work that I do. I know my husband adores me and to be honest I don't need flowers from him to know that. I can buy them for myself. It felt good.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I am more then overjoyed to see the sunshine this week! I love Oregon and the beauty here, I even enjoy the rain at times, but mid-April I always start to feel that summer will never come and it is going to be cloudy/rainy FOREVER. (kind of like those last weeks of pregnancy when you are positive that you are going to be waddling around with that baby inside your overgrown belly for the rest of your life.)

SO, the kids and I have greeted this wonderful week of sun with open arms. Slightly traumatized from being cooped up in the house all winter with two toddlers we went a little overboard the past few days, spending every possible minute outside. I had forgotten how blessed I was to live in this area. This past sunday was family day, no work no chores - just family time, a day like this is rare. We hiked in washington park, took a drive into the city and finished the day riding bikes in the suburbs. How lucky I am to raise my children in an area with so many varied opportunities readily available to them.

I love the diversity of this area, already in toddlerhood they are comfortable walking in the woods, taking the max train downtown or racing their little bikes around the culdesac.

It is no more the an hour or two to almost any recreational activity that they could desire from skiing on the mountain to lounging on the beach. In the past two days we have picniced in the park, splashed in the fountain in the middle of the city and spent a lazy afternoon running the length of our own backyard with the neighbor kids.

With so much anger and hatred going on in the rest of the world I know it is naive to get caught up in the safety of my little bubble here. But how bad is that really? My children will grow up soon enough and learn the harsh realities of life, for now I think that I will continue to enjoy my bubble, and let my babies revel in the perfect days of summer....the perfect days of childhood.... FOr now I will shower them with love, and offer them every opportunity.

Our week in pictures

Thursday, May 3, 2007

mommy and amy's birthday pictures

Easter Pictures

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

mommy is repremanded

Last night Amy attended a function with me that required her to sit quietly for about an hour. At the age of three she doesn't sit still for much of anything and since I am not active in church she doesn't get much practice at the weekly 3 hour meeting sitting that I grew up with. Lets just say I was a little nervous.

Amy did quite well sitting in her pretty dress with her red sparkly shoes just dangling over the edge of the chair happily coloring on the back of the program. Every few minutes a loud whisper would come from her chair "mami! look at my flower". "yes honey, its a beautiful flower". "hey Mami! Look at that baby". "yes honey, thats a pretty baby" We went through nearly 40 minutes of me leaning over and reminding her "amy, amy we have to be quiet" "amy not now, remember to be quiet" many more times then she really needed. Finally after I absentmindedly leaned over during a musical performance to remind her once again not to talk (she wasn't even talking this time!) My little diva looked up at me annoyed and with all the attitude of a teenager my 3 year old said in a loud voice "Mami! YOU have to be quiet TOO!"
After the typical snickers of all those in the row behind me and my face turning a nice shade of red what can I do but hug her and laugh too, she's right, that shows me doesn't it! lighten up mom and be quiet!

Nicolas' shining moment

Today the preschool teachers' assistant was sick so amy and I volunteered to stay and help out. It was so much fun to watch Nicolas interact with his peers and his teacher. He is lucky to be in such a great class with wonderful kids that for the most part have excellent manners. There is the typical clashing: the boys chase the girls, the girls chase the boys; arguements over just who got to the bike first. All in all though they do really well.

Amy is almost 2 years younger then Nicolas and i was surprised at how well she was interacting with the rest of the class during our visit today. She sat when they sat (mostly) and even stood in line when it was time. (always staying as close to her brother as possible of course). One of Nicolas' best friends was quite jeleous of the fact that she was there and monopolizing Nicolas' attention. (we have had issues with this boy before) He started calling her names "stupid ugly girl" was the only name that I caught; even trying to push her out of line. I was apalled at the way he was treating her but before I could intervene my little man stepped in, put his arm around his little sister and looked his friend right in the face. With as much ferocity that a 4 year old can muster he said: "this is MY sister, you can't talk to her that way; You better leave her alone!" He then proceeded to walk out to the playground with his arm still protectivly around his baby sister.

My heart swells with pride just remembering it. There have been few times when I have been more proud of my son. That same passion that he used yesterday to fight and argue with her he uses today to protect and comfort her. I must be doing something right!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

we all win

It has been a crazy day, let me tell you! But at the end of the day they really are trying. Who knows what causes siblings to react like that one day and be fine the next. While I was driving around town today running errands I was reflecting on the morning and my reaction... I peaked into the rearview mirror to see my little guys passed out in their carseats. Snoring, drooling, the whole bit. It was the most peaceful moment we had had all day.

It is only natural to start wondering "why can't my kids be like this all the time? why don't my kids behave like those other kids!" I even caught myself earlier today asking "what is wrong with these guys!!". I stopped myself at this point, what a horrible mom I am being! Comparing my kids to other kids. There is absolutly nothing wrong with my kids. To be honest they are exceptionally well behaved most of the time. When they do act out they are behaving exactly like a 4 year old and a 3 year old should behave.

I think perhaps I am to tuff on them, expect to much. I have seen how smart they both are and sometimes want to treat them like they are older. What I should be doing is just letting them be kids. Pushing the limits and testing your boundaries are just part of the process of growing up. Wish me luck for more patience and understanding tomorrow!

May the best toddler Win

I think I may be going crazy. Who's idea was it to have my kids 18 months apart? Oh right, it was a surprise! My children have been competeing today since they first climed into my bed and looked at each other this morning. If I hear "mami, she hit me!" or experience one of amy's blood curtling screams one more time this morning I might just scream myself!

I've read the parenting books and I Know WHY they are clashing lately, I just don't know how to SOLVE it. Or should I solve it? Do i just step back and allow them battle it out and may the best toddler win? I have no experiense in this department, I have only one sister and she is 7 years younger then me. We never really competed over anything.

They are good kids and I have seen many times how much they adore each other. I've gotten the friendly advice and read the books (but seriously, how helpful are these books?). I know that AMy is trying to exert her independance and fight for attention because she is the younger sibling of a boy who loves to be the center of everything. I know that Nicolas is reaching a stage in his development where he wants some freedom and time alone with out his little sister hanging on him, especially since she looks up to him and wants to do EVERYTHING that he does.

I am sure that this is the same scene that happens in everyone home in every generation across the globe. I am sure that as soon as I figure out this stage in their development we will have moved on to something new.

(after all of my complaining here you know what they are doing now? Nicolas has turned on a movie -such a smart kid- and they are laying on the couch together getting along just fine) So it seems that they both came out of the morning alive and still loving each other.