Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nicolas' shining moment

Today the preschool teachers' assistant was sick so amy and I volunteered to stay and help out. It was so much fun to watch Nicolas interact with his peers and his teacher. He is lucky to be in such a great class with wonderful kids that for the most part have excellent manners. There is the typical clashing: the boys chase the girls, the girls chase the boys; arguements over just who got to the bike first. All in all though they do really well.

Amy is almost 2 years younger then Nicolas and i was surprised at how well she was interacting with the rest of the class during our visit today. She sat when they sat (mostly) and even stood in line when it was time. (always staying as close to her brother as possible of course). One of Nicolas' best friends was quite jeleous of the fact that she was there and monopolizing Nicolas' attention. (we have had issues with this boy before) He started calling her names "stupid ugly girl" was the only name that I caught; even trying to push her out of line. I was apalled at the way he was treating her but before I could intervene my little man stepped in, put his arm around his little sister and looked his friend right in the face. With as much ferocity that a 4 year old can muster he said: "this is MY sister, you can't talk to her that way; You better leave her alone!" He then proceeded to walk out to the playground with his arm still protectivly around his baby sister.

My heart swells with pride just remembering it. There have been few times when I have been more proud of my son. That same passion that he used yesterday to fight and argue with her he uses today to protect and comfort her. I must be doing something right!!