Wednesday, May 2, 2007

mommy is repremanded

Last night Amy attended a function with me that required her to sit quietly for about an hour. At the age of three she doesn't sit still for much of anything and since I am not active in church she doesn't get much practice at the weekly 3 hour meeting sitting that I grew up with. Lets just say I was a little nervous.

Amy did quite well sitting in her pretty dress with her red sparkly shoes just dangling over the edge of the chair happily coloring on the back of the program. Every few minutes a loud whisper would come from her chair "mami! look at my flower". "yes honey, its a beautiful flower". "hey Mami! Look at that baby". "yes honey, thats a pretty baby" We went through nearly 40 minutes of me leaning over and reminding her "amy, amy we have to be quiet" "amy not now, remember to be quiet" many more times then she really needed. Finally after I absentmindedly leaned over during a musical performance to remind her once again not to talk (she wasn't even talking this time!) My little diva looked up at me annoyed and with all the attitude of a teenager my 3 year old said in a loud voice "Mami! YOU have to be quiet TOO!"
After the typical snickers of all those in the row behind me and my face turning a nice shade of red what can I do but hug her and laugh too, she's right, that shows me doesn't it! lighten up mom and be quiet!