Friday, May 11, 2007


While driving past the grocery store the other day I had a minor epiphany. I've been feeling the typical "why doesn't my husband buy me flowers....pick up his dishes...._________(fill in the blank with whatever your own pet peeve is). This is not a new phenomenon, this is the same scene that plays out in every marriage across the world since the beginning of time. Now, I have a wonderful husband whom I adore. He is my best friend, my rock, the glue that holds this crazy girl together. But he's not perfect and that is ok, I am far from it myself. He is hard working and a wonderful provider, he adores his kids and I know he loves me.

I think as women we bring it on ourselves sometimes, we try to be super moms, we chase our husbands out of our kitchens, tell them we don't want them to buy us flowers cause it is to expensive, ect. And then we complain when they don't want to help with the dishes or don't surprise us with a beautiful bouquet.

SO, back to my epiphany, I was feeling badly that marcelo had not caught onto my subtle hints for flowers (really you can't be subtle with men, they don't get it) when I drove past the grocery store and saw some beautiful arrangements outside. So I stopped, and I bought them for myself. A little gift to myself for the hard work that I do. I know my husband adores me and to be honest I don't need flowers from him to know that. I can buy them for myself. It felt good.