Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My baby! ok, i know...its only part day twice a week. But just the fact that my BABY is old enough to start preschool gives me a chill. She has been waiting for this, watching her brother go off to preschool for two years and now off to kindergarten she is more then ready for it to be her turn. My little princess who clings to mommy and crys whenever I leave the room gave me a wonderful hug and a big smile and ushered me out the preschool door. I am so proud of her....I did have a minor panic attack last night at the realization that I might never have a baby in the house again......makes me doubt my decision just a little.


I can hardly believe that my oldest is off to kindergarten. It feels like just yesterday that Marcelo and I were bringing him home and oohing over his cute little chubs. Now he seems so big and independant, everyday I look at him and he seems older with no way for me to slow down the process.

I will admit that I was the sappy mommy who came home from dropping him off and cried in the private of my room. The tears weren't tears of fear for him, no, he is strong and smart and I know he will excel. My tears were for the ending of such a wonderful faze in our lives, days full of sesame street and impromptue trips to the zoo. This next faze will be fun and wonderful and full of joy as well I am sure. TO me the first day of kindergarten seems just the first in a journey of steps that will take them further and further away from mommy....pray that I lead them well.

Nicolas 5th Birthday

I know, I know I am sooo behind. Things have been so crazy around here with birthdays and back to school I have had no time. So here are the pictures that everyone has been asking for! We had a blast for Nicolas' birthday and were so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends. As he went to bed that night my little man thanked me for giving him a "special birthday at chuck e cheese". Thanks is not something that we hear often as moms and I will always treasure that moment with him.