Friday, April 25, 2008

I want to know your healthy food finds!

First, Skinny Cow Fudge bars. Of all the health concious ice cream I have tried this is by far the very best low cal fudge bar ever! It is rich and creamy, with a great flavor...if i hadn't read the box I would never have geussed they have only 100 cal, 1 gram of fat and get this..4 grams of fiber! (my question is how do the get fiber into ice cream?) However they do it this is my greatest guilt free chocolate craving fix ever!

The second are the amazing whole grain Flat Out tortillas that my friend Mel told me about. These taste absolutely amazing, are very filling and have 9grams of fiber per tortilla. I am eating these almost everyday -with a little laughing cow cheese, some roast beef, or wrapped around some sauteed zucchini....even rolled up with my dinner in place of a roll. I hear that they even come in flavors but I have yet to find these yet.

Now i need to hear about everyones favorite "health concious" or just plain yummy food finds. Post a comment or email me with your food find and I can't wait to try some yummy new things... then I'll write a new post with what I've learned.

Amy gets creative

I admit, it was proboably boredom that drove my 4 year old to "borrow" my camera and document the house. The 5 year old is home sick today and being a momma's boy. So here is what Amy did with her morning....I acctually think it is pretty artistic, and an interesting look into how the world looks from her perspective...I am off now to channel that creativity into a more productive outlet...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Snow in April?

Don't get me wrong, I get the whole April showers bring May flowers thing...but snow?? Some people are useing this to back up their global warming theory..others say it is just a strange fluke. I think they are both right but I have had about enough. It is the end of April and I am shuffling my kids off to school in winter coats! The sky is cloudy and grey and even with the help of my medication I am finding it hard to be completely awake and focused in my day.
So PLEASE PLEASE everyone start thinking Warm Miami Beach; Hawaii surfing; Coral Reef snorkeling whatever it takes for some positive sunshine energy......and lets bring back the sun!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

first zoo trip of 2008

As most of you know our kids looove the zoo, it is one of our favorite places to be. At 4 Amy is already convinced that she is going to be an animal doctor when she grows up. We took advantage of our first (and it seems only) warm weekend of the year and spent the afternoon at the zoo with some good friends of ours. The kids love getting together with haily and baby carlos and they always have a great time. The favorite things of the day were the Giraffe and the train.

Welcome Spiderman and Cinderella

Meet the newest additions to our family. After lots of bad luck with a string of beta fish Mami and Papi finally gave in and bought the kids a small tank for goldfish. I have been opposed to goldfish in the past having heard that they are a very dirty fish and require a lot of cleaning. (who has time for that! I already have 2 kiddos and a husband to clean up after)
It finally came down to keep devestating the kids when their bettas kept dieing (sp?) or acctually invest in a good tank. This one has a great filter, very quiet and after a week the tank water still looks like the first day.
The kids are really enjoying the goldfish, the are much more animated and interactive then the bettas and we are acctually able to put to fish together as opposed to the bettas which would have killed eachother! They come right up to the glass and follow the kids fingers around and are learning feeding times, they acctually come up and wait at the feeding spot when we walk up.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cool new site

I got a text today from a good friend of mine about a cool website her trainer had told her about, after checking it out I just had to share it with all of you. Some of you know I am embarking on a "healthy lifestyle change", I am NOT dieting. I am simply eating better and going to the gym more. So far so good, I am down 7 lbs and more importantly I am feeling healthier and more energetic. (although after the gym I am often really really sore!)
The hardest part for me is to find the balance between portion control and proper nutrition. My friend turned me on to a great new site today On this site you can keep a log of your daily food intake and exercise. You can even set weight loss goals and my favorite part is that it tells you how many calories you have left for the day and a cute little pie chart that explains what portion of what you have eaten for the day is protein, fat or carbs.

This definitly helped me to visualize what I should be eating and what I may be missing. Also helps me see why I was so tired and cranky yesterday! I need to remember to eat more on the days I go to the gym.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my supergirl

Nicolas future career choice