Friday, April 25, 2008

I want to know your healthy food finds!

First, Skinny Cow Fudge bars. Of all the health concious ice cream I have tried this is by far the very best low cal fudge bar ever! It is rich and creamy, with a great flavor...if i hadn't read the box I would never have geussed they have only 100 cal, 1 gram of fat and get this..4 grams of fiber! (my question is how do the get fiber into ice cream?) However they do it this is my greatest guilt free chocolate craving fix ever!

The second are the amazing whole grain Flat Out tortillas that my friend Mel told me about. These taste absolutely amazing, are very filling and have 9grams of fiber per tortilla. I am eating these almost everyday -with a little laughing cow cheese, some roast beef, or wrapped around some sauteed zucchini....even rolled up with my dinner in place of a roll. I hear that they even come in flavors but I have yet to find these yet.

Now i need to hear about everyones favorite "health concious" or just plain yummy food finds. Post a comment or email me with your food find and I can't wait to try some yummy new things... then I'll write a new post with what I've learned.


Showmethesale said...

Hey--I want you to know you inspired me with the 'Daily Plate' post you did--so of course I had to check this one out too.

I agree Skinny Cow is good--and I also like the hostess 100 calorie packs of muffins, brownies, etc.

Weight watchers 100 packs are good too. (the chocolate brownies are my favorites)