Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome Spiderman and Cinderella

Meet the newest additions to our family. After lots of bad luck with a string of beta fish Mami and Papi finally gave in and bought the kids a small tank for goldfish. I have been opposed to goldfish in the past having heard that they are a very dirty fish and require a lot of cleaning. (who has time for that! I already have 2 kiddos and a husband to clean up after)
It finally came down to keep devestating the kids when their bettas kept dieing (sp?) or acctually invest in a good tank. This one has a great filter, very quiet and after a week the tank water still looks like the first day.
The kids are really enjoying the goldfish, the are much more animated and interactive then the bettas and we are acctually able to put to fish together as opposed to the bettas which would have killed eachother! They come right up to the glass and follow the kids fingers around and are learning feeding times, they acctually come up and wait at the feeding spot when we walk up.


Megan and Marcelo Romero said...

What do you mean about cleaning after a husband?, I recent that. J/k Love you