Saturday, November 29, 2008

catching up

It has been so busy around here I haven't been keeping up on the blog the way that I meant to. In the past month we've had so many big events, I will try to do a quick overview to catch everyone up.

We had a fun halloween with our little super girl and spiderman, we are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with so many little kids and parents who go all out for the holidays; we are definitly making great memories here.

the kids even convinced mommy to dress up

My "little" sister Bethany left for a mission for her church on Novemeber 5th. Over the past few weeks we have heard from her a few times and are excited with how happy she seems to be. Beth will be in the Utah MTC until January 2009 and then will leave for Santiago Chile. Beth we love you and know it will be a wonderful experience for you to share your faith and love with the world.

Here is a picture Dad sent of Beth entering the MTC.

Marcelo and Mami Bachi also took a trip at the beginning of the month with his to Ecuador, they had lots of fun visiting family and I know Marcelo enjoyed seeing the places of his childhood. We can't wait until the whole family can go soon! We will find some trip pictures to put up soon.

I got to have a fun new experience this month as well. I sold my hair accessories for the first time at my sons school's Bazaar (a big thanks to Rachel and Penny who got me started on this addicting craft!!). Every November Witch Hazel has a holiday Bazaar to raise money for the 6th grade Outdoor school, it was lots of fun and I definitly learned some things that will make it even better next year.

Here is Amy and Nicolas patiently helping me pick ribbon at Joanns.

and of course I forgot to take a picture of how cute my table set up was but here is a picture of all of my hard work.

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving hosted by Mami Bachi this year, it was very relaxing for me (and a little strange) for me not to be more involved with the cooking this year but the kids and I had so much fun being lazy in the morning watching the Macys Parade while I prepared the few dishes I was bringing. This is the first year that they have really been excited to watch the parade and it was so much fun!

Marcelo and Alex worked hard that morning putting up the christmas lights as a surprise for the kids and they look great!