Thursday, October 2, 2008

How will the majority of America be represented if the Majority of America doesn't vote!!

Leo Wants You to Vote
Leo Wants You to Vote

I could go into my political rant but those of you who know me, know how I feel about this election. So I'll go into my VOTE rant instead! More importantly then who you are voting for is that you acctually vote!!! It makes me angry, sick, frustrated to know that so many americans give up this right. We live in one of the greatest countries in the world with freedoms and rights that many others in the world dream about - give their lives trying to atain.

As Americans it is not just our right but our responisbility to be informed and to use this information to become part of the process.

There is so much uncertainty in our country right now and Iunderstand feeling discouraged and afraid -i know there are times when i am. But this is AMERICA! the land of hopes and dreams and possibilities.....we've gotten lazy in our properity. We sit and watch the television and complain and whine about how bad it has gotten.....nothings going to change unless we all stand up and make our voice heard.

VOTE ! VOTE for Change!