Monday, August 4, 2008

tape players and feeling old

The other evening we were driving in my husbands truck and my son as usual was poking around at all of the buttons trying to figure out how everything works. Finding something he didn't recognize he stuck his finger in a "hole" on the dash and asked in innocent confusion: "whats this hole for". Marcelo and I looked at each other for a split second of shock.....not sure whether to laugh out loud or cry. Are we so dated that our son doesn't know what a cassette player is! I remember as a kid poking fun at my parents and their records and listening in interest as my dad told me about 8 track tapes.....our parents were "soooo old fashioned" Their collection of chicago , the carpenters and old rock bands....old people music we thought.

When did I become the 'dated' one? That night I looked around our house....its true we don't own one vhs or cassette tape anymore. With Ipods and downloadable music my kids will never know what its like to sit by the radio all night waiting to record their favorite song or making mixed tapes...rewinding over and over again......

Today my kids still sing along to my music in the car and I don't have to battle to much for the controls but I can feel the day coming when they will groan at my choice of music and I will groan at theirs. So tonight, at only 28 I am feeling a little old.


Nick Gregory said...

Thanks for visiting our baby blog. I enjoy your blog. What a great way to archive all of these important times in your lives. Cool. Creative. Fun. Your children are adorable.

Nick Gregory