Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pray for Lexie

Monday evening I received a phone call from my sister in Idaho: part of my Dads step family had been involved in a terrible canoing accident. The father, mother, 4 year old son and new baby were able to get out of the water but the 6 year old daughter was swept downstream until they were able to get her from the water, what we understand is that she was not breathing and was on an asperater (sp?) until they started to life flight her to SLC from Idaho falls. The last update we received was that Lexi was breathing on her own now and responding to yes and no questions.

That night I went in to my sleeping kids, my son only younger then Lexi by a few months, and kissed them...I can only imagine the pain that Shana and Jo are going through, the uncertainty and waiting. Our hearts go out to them and we pray for Lexi many times a day.

Thank you also to all of my wonderful girlfriends who are all close to God in their own ways and have been praying for her also. I am lucky to have many friends with many different views of the world of religion, many of them seem very different from one another, it is the core values of family and a personal closeness to God that binds them together and makes them strong and in the end very much the same. The names change, the religions change, the personal choice of how to worship changes but we are all the same...we love God, we love our families and we are all praying for you Lexie.