Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Christmas House

Like everything great that has happened in our relationship the newest adventure is also unexpected. As some of you may know Marcelo and I have been looking into buying a rental property. During one of our family drives we drove past a cute new neighborhood, they were having an open house and we stopped just for fun.... we looked at the flyer and the neighborhood and it was the craziest feeling. I am not overly religious at this point in my life but I am the first to admit that there has been divine intervention in every major change that has happened in our lives together. We just new that this was such a good decision for our family, that it was a good place and the right place to be. And since then all of the peices have been falling into place...Marcelo and I usually are at each others throats when major things like this are going on but we have been so peaceful and calm and just put it in the hands of a higher power, or fate or whatever you choose to call it.

It is a great house and we are thrilled. There is a cute new park right around the corner so we can ride our bikes there whenever.

What can I say, it is totally unexpected and crazy and wonderful.